What is special about Self-adhesive glitter vinyl?
When the sunshine or light on the surface of self adhesive glitter vinyl, it will become shining, the color is very pretty and easy to catch our eyes.
Self-adhesive glitter vinyl - Bottle
Now, let’s show you the raw material of self-adhesive vinyl. There are various vivid effect plus glossy, glitter, matte, metallic, transfer, frosted, glow-in-the-dark, reflective, whiteboard, chalkboard, wooden vinyl and car wrapping vinyl and so on.
Self-adhesive Reflective vinyl - Notebook
today is a special day! So...what it is? Bingo! That’s Halloween. Woo...Happy Halloween!!! How was your day? Is it fun? Interesting? What character have you dress up? As far as I know, when Halloween is coming, people will decorate themselves, it will have pumpkin, children will take a basket to people’s house and “trick or treat”.
Printable clear sticker sheets - Aquarium
Sticker materials are widely used for home decor, scrap booking, lettering, graphics, stickers, decals, glass, mirrors, tiles, windows, banners, tags, signs, wraps, etc. We can perform surface treatment for material, such as printing, coating printing layer, waterproof layer, and then cut it into different size and shape as you need, Customize your company LOGO, complete the packaging and shipping.
Welcome to today’s HIEY craft class! The topic of today is a lovely cartoon flower made by cardstock.
Self-adhesive vinyl - Coasters
Self-adhesive vinyl can be used everywhere to decorating, DIY, marking etc. For example, if your desk is wooden material, bottle with hot water will damage the wooden desk. So, in this occasion, we need a place mat to protect our valuable wooden desk. You can see, there have lots of color for you to choose, and we can make the different shape and size. I’m very love fruits, specially watermelon, Grapefruit. So I choose these artwork.