Author: Stella Wong


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Welcome to today’s HIEY craft class!

The topic of today is a lovely cartoon flower made by cardstock.

1. Prepare some cardstocks different in color and a hot melt glue gun. I prepared five different colours today. They are pink/yellow/green/white/blue. You can prepare any color you prefer. That’s will be great.

2. Design needed shapes in computer. We design five different shapes, yellow to big flower/pink and grey to small flower/green to stem and leaf, and white to the flowerpot.

3. Using a machine to cut out.

4. Tear off the excess. This is a step need to be careful. Carefully tear the excess to get a perfect work. But no need too nervous.

5. Fold the white one to a flowerpot.

6. Use glue to paste flowers from small one to bigger.

7. Paste flower to leaf and stem.

8. Put them all in design.

Excellent work!

Thank you for watching!